Macular Hole

This is a condition in which the central vision in the eye is lost as a result of a break or hole forming in the center of the retina resulting in blurring or loss of vision centrally.
Peripheral vision is maintained.
The only treatment for this is surgery.

This involves a procedure called a vitrectomy in which the vitreous gel is removed and replaced with gas, filling the back of the eye with gas.
The patient will then have to assume a face down position for one week 18 hrs/day - the idea is that the gas then pushes against the hole at the back of the eye closing it and partially or almost fully restoring vision to this eye.

There are potential complications to performing this surgery, these are some of them:
-CATARACT - this develops in the majority of patients but can be dealt with relatively easily by your referring ophthalmologist or through this office if you are from the Kamloops area.
-RETINAL DETACHMENT - this is a potentially blinding complication this occurs in about 5 - 10% of patients the majority of these are treatable with additional surgery or laser but if the retinal detachment cannot be repaired then blindness will ensue
-GLAUCOMA - this is usually a temporary problem following macular hole surgery
-INFECTION - is a potentially blinding but fortunately rare complication. The majority of macular holes are successfully closed -about 85 -90 % with an improvement in vision to at least some degree.

To help with positioning post operative a body cushion is recommended - see link

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